What Does a NDIS Support Coordinator Do?

A support coordinator plays a critical role in the lives of NDIS participants. Their job in the disability services sector involves assisting individuals with special needs. They help them put their NDIS plan in place. Moreover, they ensure a person with a disability can access all the support they’re entitled to.

One of the coordinator’s roles is to help people with disabilities reach their goals. These professionals make sure individuals receive all the support as per the NDIS plan. They assist them with NDIS fund management and suggest suitable ways to spend it. They act as a link between NDIS participants, service providers, and the community. Support coordination is offered in three levels:

  • Support Connection: It is short-term assistance meant to find the right providers for a person’s needs. Its goal is to help NDIS participants connect with community and funded support.

  • Support Coordination: Also known as coordination of support in NDIS, it enables individuals to build the skills required for understanding and using their plan. It connects them with NDIS service providers to manage service delivery tasks and live independently.

  • Specialist Support Coordination: The support assistance is designed for people with complex needs. Ideally, professionals with an allied health background or psychological expertise offer these services. A highly-trained coordinator simplifies support access and reduces barriers for the participant.

Usually, the funding for coordinators is received through NDIS support coordination. It is a capacity-building aid provided based on what is considered “reasonable and necessary.” The amount is fixed as per the person’s current abilities and the informal support from their family and friends.

The extensive NDIS knowledge makes these professionals a valuable resource for people with disabilities. This blog will explain a support coordinator’s role in detail.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Support Coordinator

There is no one answer to the question, “What does a support coordinator do?” These professionals possess multiple skills and can assist persons with disability with different tasks. They aid in improving the quality of life for NDIS participants. From helping them understand their NDIS plan to connecting with service support, coordinators do it all.

Based on the NDIS support coordination, the role of a support expert varies drastically. These specialists use their skills and knowledge in relationship building and crisis management. Here is an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a support coordinator:

  • Plan Knowledge: NDIS is a national scheme for people with disability. It comes with many clauses, by-laws, and technical terminology that needs time to understand. Professional plan coordinators work with participants to understand their NDIS plan. They offer insights into the support budget and help spend the funds appropriately. Moreover, the experts assist individuals in making the claims and necessary service bookings. A coordinator simplifies their life and makes it easier. They have extensive knowledge of NDIS plans and can make proposals based on one’s requirements.

  • Plan and Coordinate Support: If participants want to find providers and support, these specialists can help them. Based on a person’s needs and preferences, they will assist in getting access to the right services. An individual with a disability can work with support workers to schedule services that fit their NDIS plan budget. With extensive knowledge and connections with service providers, they can recommend the most suitable options.

  • Establish and Maintain Support: These professionals also assist in setting service agreements or bookings and maintain support. They negotiate the support and services one wants, how they want them delivered, and how much they need to pay. Participants can connect to these NDIS advisors for queries as they can create plans for emergencies and lodge complaints to the NDIS commission.

  • Train and Refine Understanding: Support coordinators help individuals with disabilities build the skills for planning their support confidently. They offer the necessary training to use NDIS systems or processes and get the most out of the plan. Moreover, these specialists can assist in evaluating their current support and make suitable changes.

  • Coordination and Monitoring: Once supports and services are in place, they actively coordinate and monitor delivery. They are always in touch with the service providers, ensuring the services are as per the participant’s plan and needs. Regular reviews and assessments are conducted to map the progress and address challenges. Coordinators work with individuals and their families to make necessary adjustments to the services as required.

  • Prepare for Emergencies: A support coordinator’s roles and responsibilities include preparing for unexpected events. They collaborate with participants to understand their current situation and plan for the changes. They try to identify potential hurdles and make plans to manage unexpected events. An NDIS coordinator empowers people with disabilities and aims to build their confidence as well as skills.

  • Plan, Prevent, and Mitigate Crisis Situation: The support specialist helps participants prepare for crises and tackle them smoothly. They assist individuals in addressing the situation and manage it when needed. Together, they can create outlines for crisis management. It involves connecting individuals with relevant support systems like legal aid, education or child and family protection services.

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