What is NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian government initiative supporting people with disabilities. It is designed to help participants in achieving their goals, lead fulfilling lives, and actively participate in their communities. The NDIS provides funding for services and supports that people with disabilities need to live their lives.

Eligibility Requirements for NDIS

To access the NDIS, certain eligibility requirements must be met. To be eligible for the NDIS, there are certain requirements:

  • You must be aged between 7 and 65 years.

  • You should have a permanent and significant disability that affects your daily life and your ability to participate in everyday activities.

  • You need to be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or hold a protected special category visa

  • You should not currently receive support from the state or territory government that is equivalent to or greater than those you would receive through the NDIS.

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Understanding the NDIS Plan Process

The first step in accessing the NDIS is to contact your state or territory government’s NDIS access line. You will then be asked to provide basic information about yourself and your disability. After that, you will be invited to participate in an NDIS planning meeting if you meet the eligibility criteria.

At the planning meeting, you will work with an NDIS planner to develop your individualised plan. The plan will outline the support you need and how the NDIS can assist you in achieving these. Once your plan is approved, you will receive funding from the NDIS to pay for your support services and equipment.

It is important to remember that the NDIS is not means-tested which means that NDIS eligibility is not based on income or assets. Everyone who meets the eligibility criteria has a right to access its services.

The Services Covered Under the NDIS Includes:

  • Accommodation and tenancy

  • Life skills development services

  • Gardening services

Why Finding the Right NDIS Provider is Crucial

When it comes to accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), finding the right provider is crucial for receiving the support and care you need.A trusted provider understands your unique needs, goals, and preferences, and works collaboratively with you to develop a personalised care plan.

They have the expertise and experience to deliver high-quality services, ensuring the well-being and safety of their clients. Additionally, a reputable NDISprovider offers comprehensive services that address various aspects of your life, promoting holistic support and skill development.

At Bunji Community Care, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent care and compassionate service. Our team is dedicated to providing the best care possible while ensuring each client feels valued and respected. If you’re looking for a trusted NDIS provider that puts your needs first, look no further than Bunji Community Care. Call us on 03 8790 5503 or email us at info@bunjicommunitycare.com.au to book an appointment for a disability support service.

What is the NDIS

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. NDIS is a scheme of the Australian Government that funds costs associated with disability. The scheme was legislated in 2013 and went into full operation in 2020.

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What is the NDIS ?

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