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If you find navigating the NDIS a little difficult, our NDIS support coordination services can help you. Bunji Community Care understands the challenges you may face when deciding on support services. We’re here to help you overcome any challenges you may face. Our mission is simple: to ensure you feel supported and empowered to actively participate in your community. With our guidance, you can confidently go through the NDIS landscape and make choices that align with your needs or aspirations.

We have NDIS support coordinators in Melbourne who are dedicated to providing access to the best possible services. We believe in putting you in control of finding support tailored to your goals, interests and needs. From selecting NDIS providers to deciding on the mode of support, we help you make decisions that suit your lifestyle. With our guidance, you take charge of your journey towards a fulfilling and independent life.

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Support Co-ordination
  • Understanding the NDIS plan
  • Funds utilisation
  • Finding the NDIS service provider
  • Negotiating
  • Monitoring the progress of the NDIS plan
  • Preparing for the NDIS review meeting

What is NDIS Support Coordination?

NDIS support coordination is professional advice and guidance for the implementation of your NDIS funding. The NDIS support coordinator helps the NDIS beneficiary and their family members plan and find NDIS-funded support services. The support coordinator works closely with NDIS participants and their family members, to enhance their understanding of the plan, goals, and measured outcomes.

This support allows you to have greater control over how the funds are used and the support services you get. You also get access to various service and can select them as per your preference. These can be the location of their centre, the quality of their services and the pricing. Our NDIS support coordinator aims to help you find high-quality services that you need, and use your NDIS funds effectively.

NDIS support coordinators also work with the NDIS service providers, to ensure that they provide the services required as per the agreed schedule. They help participants get the maximum out of their funding besides providing accurate billing and payment. The coordinator also ensures that the NDIS plan goals are met as per timelines and suggest course correction or changes, wherever required.

The basis you need, you can choose any of these various levels of support:

  • Level 1 or Basic: This is the primary or basic level of services by a support coordinator. You or your carer are connected with various service providers and informal community support systems.

  • Level 2 or Coordination: This is a higher level of support, in which the coordinator works with you closely. They help you understand your NDIS plan in detail, the scope of funding, core supports, plan goals and how you can make effective use of funding.

  • Level 3 or Specialist Support: The highest level of support is provided to NDIS participants with special needs or a complicated medical NDIS support coordinators help the beneficiary with access to specialised support such as psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, etc. They also play a more active role in the management of plans and monitoring of services.

How Can Our Support Coordinators Assist You?

We believe in your potential and see no limits to what you can achieve. Our primary focus is on ensuring your safety and fostering a sense of belonging within the community. We create an environment where you feel comfortable and can actively participate in community life. With our NDIS specialist support coordination, navigating the landscape becomes easier, ensuring that your needs and aspirations are met. Our coordinators prioritise your success because when you thrive, so do we.

Here’s how Bunji Community Care can assist:

  • Goal Achievement: Coordinators provide guidance and encouragement to make progress towards your aims. They can help you reach any personal goal. Assistance in setting clear objectives and breaking them down into manageable steps makes you more likely to succeed.
  • Exploration of Options: By exploring support options, you broaden your perspective and discover new opportunities. It involves discussing various possibilities and weighing the pros and cons to make good decisions.
  • Skill Enhancement: Whether it’s learning new skills, refining existing ones, or overcoming challenges, NDIS support coordination enhances your capabilities. By including the correct support in your plan, you can become more proficient in areas important to you.

  • Choice Empowerment: This assistance empowers you to make decisions confidently. It involves providing information, guidance, and support to help you assess options, and weigh consequences. You gain a sense of control and ownership over your actions as well as outcomes.
  • Support Guidance: An NDIS support coordinator offers help and advice to make tasks or situation management easier. If you need assistance with a challenging situation, finding resources, or a listening ear, this support can help.

  • Enabling Your Best Life: Support coordination helps you get the right services to help you live life on your terms. Our collaborative approach makes your NDIS journey a successful and fulfilling one.
  • Budget Assistance: Professionals can explain financial concepts, assist with budgeting, and identify strategies to achieve your goals. If you gain a better understanding of your NDIS funding, you get maximum benefit. Additionally, it also ensures financial security and stability.

Benefits of NDIS Support Coordination and Support Coordinators

Whether your NDIS funding is self-managed, plan-managed and NDIA-managed, the support coordinator can help you in several ways. Here’s how NDIS support coordination can help you:

  • Establishing an integrated and personalised plan

  • Connecting you to professionals

  • NDIS plan management

  • Effective service delivery

  • Schedule adherence by the provider

  • Negotiation with the professionals

  • Confidence and skill building for effective plan management

  • Supporting you with positive choices for achieving the plan’s goals

  • Guidance for NDIS plan review meeting

The choice and selection of support coordinators are critical. It may affect the effectiveness of your plan and the quality of services you get. It is best to hire the services of an NDIS support coordinator if you or your loved one are new to NDIS. You can also opt for it if you feel that you lack the time, skill and expertise for effective fund utilisation or plan management.

How Can Bunji Community Care Help?

Bunji Community Care provides you with reliable NDIS support services that help you understand and manage your NDIS funding effectively. As one of the leading and trusted names in NDIS services in Melbourne, we provide you with:

  • Experienced support coordinators

  • Maximum utilisation of NDIS funding

  • Selection of service providers

  • Choosing services basis requirements

  • Specialised services for beneficiaries with complicated needs

  • Effective monitoring and implementation of the NDIS plan

  • Capacity building for greater independence

Our NDIS support coordinator works with you and your family on a one-to-one basis. They explain the salient features of NDIS funding and help you with the implementation of your NDIS plan. Acting as your dedicated guide, they answer all your queries, evaluate your situation and understand your support requirements. This way, we ensure that you receive hassle-free support and effective use of your NDIS funding.

Support Co-ordination

Why Choose Bunji Community Care for NDIS Support Coordinationin Melbourne?

Bunji Community Care is a trusted provider of comprehensive NDIS support coordination in Melbourne, Australia. We provide you access to experienced and trained care providers, support coordinators. Our team works with you for the effective and maximum use of your NDIS funding. You get the help and support that you require to achieve all your necessary and required supports.

We also assist you with capacity building in line with your NDIS plan’s goals. Our team accepts that every individual is different and has their own unique requirements and preferences. As such, we provide you with the proper personalised support that you can rely on.

With us, you get:

  • Tailor-made services

  • Empathetic and supportive staff

  • Easy bookings

  • NDIS compliant services

  • Access to specialised professionals

  • Plan management support

  • Negotiation with multiple professionals

  • Adherence to the NDIS plan

  • Maximum funding utilisation

Get access to our NDIS support coordination in Melbourne by calling us on 03 8790 5503 to speak to one of our experts or to book a free consultation. You can fill out our online form or email us at info@bunjicommunitycare.com.au.

What is the NDIS

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. NDIS is a scheme of the Australian Government that funds costs associated with disability. The scheme was legislated in 2013 and went into full operation in 2020.

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What is the NDIS ?